When I turned 25 I really felt like I needed a change and what is always the first thing that I think of changing? My hair! I have had the same part for more than ten years. So boring! Don't get me wrong, I have tried changing it up with the center part, changing my side part to the opposite side but nothing really felt like me. So my part always reverted right back to where it's always been. The one thing that I never tried was that oh so temping fringe.

Pretty much every time I saw a movie with Audrey Hephburn or a picture of Felicity Jones with her perfectly tussled hair on Pinterest I have thought about making the chop. But time and time again I decided it would probably be the worst mistake of my life. After all, I have never met or seen anyone in real life with hair as curly as mine with bangs and I refuse to use a straightener on my hair. It just didn't seem possible. But after two more months of seriously deliberating whether the risk would be worth it I decided to just go for it and I'm so glad I did!

I have always heard really good things about Aveda salons and their products so I sought out the closest one to me and made an appointment. My hair dresser, Tiffany thankfully had curly hair herself so when she cut my bangs, free of charge I might add!, she new just what to do. She made the initial chop with my hair dry. Then wet them down and cut a little more off. Finally, she applied about half a dime size of Aveda's Smooth Infusion Serum just to the ends and blowdried them and I agreed to let her straighten them. I don't even own a flat iron so it was definelty not he way I was planning on wearing them every day but I knew it would take some playing around with them and styling them myself a few times before I figured out what would work for my hair. Tiffany cut them a little long to where they were just sticking in my eyes which was perfect because I was planning on wearing them a little wavy anyways and didn't want them to be too short.

When I got home I went ahead and Co-washed all of my hair since it was due for it anyway and styled my curls as usually, leaving my bangs clipped separately in front so they would't get any of my other product in them. Then I applied just half a dime size of the Smooth Infusion sample bottle that Tiffany gave to me to try out, combed them out and while holding my bangs flat against my forehead I blow dry them at the root protecting the ends with my hand so they don't get frazzled. I comb them left to right, still holding them flat until they are completely dry except for the ends. Then I spread them out until I'm satisfied with how they are laying and let the ends air dry the rest of the way and wallah! ...A completely frizz-free smooth fringe that is a little wavy so it will blend in with my curls!

So the next time you read that you can't have bangs because you have curly hair, forget that nonsense because you totally can!